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What is Proof of Treasure Coin (POTT)?

Fundamentally, Proof of Treasure is a location finder game, where you can win real crypto treasure (Proof Of Treasure Coin / POTT) by guessing the location of the game image. Due to the hard-coded issuance schedule of our coin, less POTT can be minted over time, find out more about issuance here.

How do I play?

We have a how to guide on playing here. But to be honest, playing is easy, just load up a games page and google maps and start hunting for those co-ordinates! We've left clues in the image so it should never be too hard to find the location. Though, some games will be harder than others! You're competing against other players in real-time to get the co-ordinates ASAP

How do I win?

To win, you need to be the first to guess the location of the image and correctly submit the co-ordinates. We allow a little leeway, but your guess needs to be within 50m of the correct location! There is only one winner per game.

I've won! How do I claim my coins?

Congratulations, you've won a game! Next step is to claim your prize. We have a dedicated how to guide for that here.

Is there a maximum game time?

For the Classic Game there is a maximum game time of 10 hours.

Similarly, for the Golden Game there is a maximum game time of 10 days. After the maximum game time is reached, the next game will begin.

How many coins can I win per game?

Currently, for the Classic Game, the reward starts at 8 POTT for the first hour and then increases gradually to 40 POTT at 9 hours. The game skips at 10 hours if it has not been won.

For the Golden Game, the reward starts at 128 POTT for the first 2 days, and increases gradually to 256 POTT at 10 days. The game skips at 10 Days if it has not been won.

The amount of treasure won per game will vary with time - the coin has been designed so that the coins available to us (which can be minted, and then used as game rewards) will decrease. Therefore, the game rewards will also need to decrease. Please see issuance schedule for games here.

Can I give feedback?

Yes! We welcome feedback, please email: admin@proofoftreasure.com

What is the issuance schedule of proof of treasure coin?

Find out more about issuance along with interactive graphs on our coin stats page or for in-game issuance here.

How many Proof of Treasure coins are there?

The maximum issuance of POTT is 285,760 proof of treasure coins. The initial premine is 40,000, and coins are minted each month in line with game demand.

Is proof of treasure coin on exchanges?

You can trade Proof Of Treasure Coin on two exchanges at the moment: Hashgreen and Dexie. One pairing is available currently (POTT/XCH). We will look to add more exchanges and pairings in the future.

Where can I learn more about Proof Of Treasure Coin (POTT)?

You can review technical information about our coin on our gitlab. Information is also available on tails database.