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Proof Of Treasure Coin (POTT) - Coin Statistics

POTT Minted to Date

Minted To Date:

This is the total number of POTT minted to date including a 40,000 premine to drive game development. POTT has a hard coded issuance schedule meaning we need to wait 30 days between mints, and the amount we can mint decreases with time.

POTT Maximum Future Coins

Max Coins Minted

Graph of POTT Minting Schedule

This graph shows the maximum amount of coins which can exist in the future according to the smart contract (chialisp) in our coin. We can choose to mint coins less frequently, but we cannot mint more frequently, or a higher amount.

Proof Of Treasure Coin (POTT) - Distribution

POTT Distributed via Games

Distributed via Games:

This is the total number of POTT distributed through game wins date. POTT is minted directly to our master wallet, apart from the premine (40,000 coins) POTT issued is then distributed to our players through game-wins. This figure is collated from our database.