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Trade Proof Of Treasure Coin

Proof of Treasure Coin (POTT) can be traded for on several Chia (XCH) focussed exchanges. You can trade directly for XCH, or a host of other tokens running on the XCH blockchain. Below we have links to some reccomended exchanges.

Trade on Tibetswap

Tibetswap Image

TibetSwap is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) running on the Chia blockchain. It uses funds provided by some users (liquidity providers) to allow anyone to trade XCH and tokens at what it considers to be a fair price. For each swap, a 0.7% fee is taken and distributed to liquidity providers as an incentive to keep their money in the protocol.

Trade on Dexie.space

Dexie Image

Dexie is a platform where you can trade Chia offers. These offers allow you to exchange assets on the Chia blockchain without needing a middleman, so you don't have to rely on trust. The blockchain code ensures that a transaction can only happen if both the offered and requested assets are transferred at the same time. Dexie is designed to give you complete control over your funds, so it's a non-custodial exchange.