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Claim Your Victory!

🎉 So you've won a game, congratulations!

Proof Of Treasure Coin is a Chia Asset Token, running on the Chia blockchain, so in order to receive your coins, you just need a wallet capable of receiving Chia Asset Tokens (CATs). Once you have your receive address from a compatible wallet, you can submit that on your unique win page and your tokens should be with you fairly quickly depending on network congestion.

If you don't already have a wallet, you might want to consider some of these wallets to store your coins:

Pawket App: (Pawket is an open-source wallet for the chia ecosystem, optimised for both mobile and desktop)

GOBY Wallet: (Goby is an open-source browser plugin wallet for the Chia Network)

Chia Official Wallet

In order for your wallet to recognise the coins, you'll need to add the CAT asset ID to your wallet: